30. Rebirth of the nose Eskisehir

Invitation letter:

Dear Colleagues,

In functional and aesthetic septorinoplasty surgery, the first step in reaching a successful outcome is to do good analysis and planning. It is difficult to develop this concept because three-dimensional thinking and design do not take place in our medical education.

I would like to invite you to the workshop for the “Rebirth of the Nose”. In this study, suitable nose plan will be studied on the sample masks made from kale. This work will then continue on nasal busts with nose-making exercises.


This workshop, which consists of scientific presentations for practical applications and live surgical surveillance, will be especially useful for friends who are considering starting to rhinoplasty surgery, who are new to it, and aim to improve themselves, if they have successfully implemented it.

I will be glad to be with you in this meeting that we will come closer to the scientific side as well as socially and then we will have scientific discussions again.

We are waiting for interest.

With our love


Prof. Dr. Erkan Özüoğruru Prof.Dr. Cemal Cingi

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