After the respiratory summit …

The 7th Solo Summit ended in the Arhavi county of Artvin.

On the evening of 2 September before the meeting, a dinner was given in honor of Dr.Cemal CİNGİ chairman of Kaymakam Şeref AYDIN ​​and Mayor Coşkun HEKİMOĞLU at Arhavi Show Center. Pre-dinner folklore performances and presentations were held. Later, the Kaymakam and the mayor na SEBAD were presented with plaques and gifts on behalf of the congress. We stayed overnight at Arhavi Özay hotel.

The evening presentations of the meeting of Dr. Cemal Cingi and Dr. Mehmet Külekçi’s co-presidencies on the scientific program continued until 20:00. A total of 72 participants made 41 scientific presentations and a multidisciplinary meeting was held with a rich topic mix.

We would like to thank everyone on behalf of the Association of SEBAD who has been involved in the arrangement of the meeting and has enriched the participation.

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