Dear Colleagues,

The Rhinocamp Winter meetings are an international scientific activity that is proud of the Association for Continuing Education and Scientific Research and attracting international attention.

In this organization of our association,

President of the Swiss Allergy Institute Dear Prof.Dr. Cezmi Akdiş and

EAACI Secretary General Dr. Peter Hellings,

Our president and EAACI ENT ​​Department chairman Prof.Dr. It is very proud that they have to take part as co-president for the 4th time with Cemal Cingi.

The Rhinocamp Winter meeting can be interpreted in a way that our association is accepted abroad.

The majority of the speakers and participants of the meeting are from abroad, and there is no meeting of any company abroad, and it is realized with a small number of physician sponsorships from different domestic and foreign companies.

We will be glad to see you at this meeting.

On behalf of SEBAD Association Board of Directors

Dr. Seçkin Ulusoy

Note: The most up-to-date scientific program of the gathering is below and you can find more detailed information at website

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