In Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia “3. Allergy and Otorhinolaryngology in Untouched Soil “meeting concluded.

It was appreciated by Dr. Cemal CİNGİ’s meeting as well as the scientific sessions of the meeting and the impressive environment of the region where it was realized. Our scientific totals in Siem Reap were very productive and useful. The “Choe Ray” hospital in Ho Chi Minh was also helpful to see our working environment and meet our Vietnamese colleagues.
We also visited the “Kantha Bopha” pediatric hospital in Siem Reap and the education and handicraft centers for children with hearing impairments. At the center of education and handicrafts for children with hearing impairment, there were very successful handicraft products that children produced. The fact that not all children in this area have hearing aids, all of us are burdened with our heart. Click here to read a trip by a colleague who attended the meeting

Our colleagues who participated in the meeting are informed thanks to Dr.Cingi, colleagues in the region and EA organizers for the organization. Click on the link to get group photos with their original resolutions (click for photos)

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