Some of her recommendations

When you’re sick of walking around the block or park with your kids, take them on a family tramping adventure and watch them come alive.Some of her recommendations include Auckland’s West Coast beach walks, Karangahake Gorge and the Waitawheta track in the Bay of Plenty, which has a replica logging bogie showing how kauri logs were moved down the valley in the old days.She advises families to start the kids on easy trails without big hills so they’ll still have the energy to get back to the car you don’t want to put them off with too far a walk.”They can carry a snack, a raincoat and wear good sneakers,” says Eileen.”Let them explore rather than focusing on where you’re headed make time for the kids to poke in mud puddles and look for worms.”If you don’t get to the destination, don’t worry it will still be there in 20 years.”She says families should do their homework, think about where they’re going and consider the weather. “It might be snowing or windy or icy but it’s always beautiful and there are always people to share it with,” Eileen says. “Our children are still friends with the kids they met at tramping club.

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