10. Rhinocamp followed by Bodrum …

10.Rhinocamp meeting was held with 350 participants from 11 countries in Bodrum Hilton Hotel. Gentek-Storz and Meda contributed to the implementation of “Endoscopic surgery on the lamb head” in our country for the first time. Scientific meetings were held on 3 different salons.

You can find photos of the meeting by clicking here

Below are the daily programs and activities of the meeting:

On the first day of the meeting:

Joao Flavio Nogueira’s 3D endoscopic sinus surgery and endoscopic ear surgery began with the monitoring of the videos. The videos continued from the basics to the next level. Then Tayfun Kirazlı and Prof.Dr. Nazım Korkut We have seen great offers of our talents. The different approaches of Mubarek Khan and Ranko Mladina to the topics were of interest.

2 halls: At 5 stations, the dissection was done with the lamb head. The trainees who follow the trainers’ work in the master station, gradually applied endoscopic sinus surgery. Ranko Mladina, Hamdi Çaklı, Görkem Eskiizmir, İbrahim Çukurova, Ercan Kaya participated as trainers. In this study, the imaging system provided by GENTEK (KARL STORZ) company, telescopes, shaver system, navigation system and ESC hand tools were used. This course continued with different participants throughout the whole meeting.

At the 3rd salon: Rhinocamp meeting, the young speakers talked about the main issues in the Family Physician hall. Participants in the Rhinocamp meeting, which had a very high scientific level, were happy to have a successful and educational day at the end of the first day.

SECOND DAY: In the morning session, there were foreign guests speaking. Four colleagues who attended the meeting under the chairmanship of Cemal Cingi showed great interest in the ongoing meeting on two separate occasions. In the morning: Antonio Sousa VIEIRA, Grant HAMILTON III, Philippe ROMBAUX, Peter HELLINGS, Esteban SCOLA, Ranko MLADINA. On the third, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery was performed on the head of the sheep.

THIRD DAY: EAACI was held at the European Allergy Academy meeting. At the meeting Cezmi AKDİŞ, Peter HELLINGS, Philippe ROMBAUX, Mübeccel AKDİŞ, Carmen RONDON, Cemal CİNGİ, Nuray Bayar MULUK, Gülbin Bingöl KARAKOÇ made speeches. On the other side, endoscopic Surgery was performed on the lamb head. After 16.00 the Olympics continued. Gala night organized by Abdi İbrahim firm and watched with great enthusiasm, it was admired by many participants with great music and shows at the seaside.

FOURTH DAY: During the morning session on the last day (Sunday), there were free presentations of our colleagues. On the other side, endoscopic surgery was performed on the lamb head. Our 10th Rhinocamp meeting which took place in Bodrum between 8-12 May 2013 has been held scientifically and socially at the highest level. We thank our speakers, participants and sponsors.

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