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This year our meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Choladhis Sinrachtanant and Pakpoom Supiyahum participated as foreign speakers in the international status meeting of Cemal Cingi’s chief. Our colleague Op. You can reach Elif Gülin Koçar by clicking here to read about the meeting and social program. You can click here to access the photos of our valued attendees at our meeting.

Apart from ENT specialists, the interest of family physicians is also great in this stand of traditional meetings. Participants After a total of 5 days of scientific programs, they were able to see the historic and tourist attractions of Bankok. At the end of the meeting, last night, Thailand Inn sea and entertainment center stayed overnight in Pattaya. We, as SEBAD Association, would like to thank all participants and the interest of the DEVA pharmaceutical company to the managers of the Encef Group.

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