Photographs taken at Uncleaned Soil meetings give hope to illness at Çorlu Devlet Hastanesi

Çorlu State Hospital manager Dr. With the initiative of Cengiz Kalkan, 800 photos and 200 marbles and watercolor paintings were put into various places of the hospital within the scope of the project to beautify 300 bed hospital newly opened this year.

During the meetings organized by SEBAD among our many photographs, our colleague, Dr. 27 of the original photographs taken by Seçkin Ulusoy are located on the walls of Corru State Hospital. In order to beautify the hospital, the publication of such a large photo exhibit was widely found at the national press after the news on the TRT news channel. The most interesting part of the original work was the photographs our colleagues took in Cuba, Vietnam and Cambodia. The İGDAF photography club, which organizes the photographs, is well received by successful organizations as well as by attaching suitable photographs to the correct sections.

One of the relatives of the patient said that the mysterious Angkor Wat temple hanging at the entrance of the hospital’s intensive care room was a hope for the referral patient every day, reflected in the heavenly greenish water outside (Photo 1), photos of breastfeeding mother and monkey babies (Photo 2) expressed her understanding once again the meaning of her mother in the nature, and her father, who promised to no longer apply violence to her husband, became emotional.

In addition to the internal connotations of the photographs as shown in these examples, the meditative effects of the unique landscape photographs of Cuba and the Far East (Photo 3-4) were reported to be very beneficial in decorating the cold walls of hospitals and not giving positive messages to people and being an example to other hospitals.

We, as physicians, believe that our patients are a part of our responsibility in important messages that we need to convey to our homeland people. We believe that we can play an important role in ensuring global peace in the age of information we are in with photographs.

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