New year targets

Dear Colleagues, As is known, our association has been continuing its mission to support Continuing Education and contributing to scientific research since the day it was founded. Up to now, in our educational programs, we have tried to integrate physicians socially by including social programs as well as high level scientific programs.

The Ministry of Health, the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Authority prescribes the rules governing drug companies’ domestic and international scientific programs. Within the framework of the changing regulations, it is foreseen that no social programs and excursions will be made in the sponsor firm budget, even in 2014, even in the scientific program at the meetings. Our association will comply with this rule indiscriminately. Participants may hold social programs only at their own expense for a limited period of time other than the scientific program, at a limited number of meetings to be held in 2014.

We invite the inspectors of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency to attend the meetings and determine the level of the scientific program.

Our 2014 slogan:

“We will not hold a scientific meeting to receive the red

No scientific meeting will get rejected ”

In 2014, our Association will plan trips to strengthen friendship, improve manners and knowledge, and contribute to continuous education. These programs will be announced to our members in the coming days. You can always contact me for suggestions and questions.

With love,

Prof. dr. Cemal Cingi

President of the Association

0532 267 6616

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