3 Thanks to Cemal Cingi, 3 Invitation

First of all, at various meetings, I would like to thank the brothers who voted for me and supported me as a Junior member of the European Association of Allergy and Immunology.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who shared my happiness with my message, phone and e-mail. I am elected the President of the Department of ENT of the European Society of Allergy and Immunology.

I would especially like to thank Kanal KBB, the unofficial news agency of the ENT world, who has heard this with flashes.

European Allergy and Immunology Association ENT Head of Department to ensure maximum benefit for young assistants and specialists of our elected country:

My brothers under the age of 35, to prepare projects to perform as scholarship in various centers in Europe,

My brothers and sisters under the age of 35 are invited to participate in educational programs that will be covered by EAACI for participation,

I invite my siblings, research assistants under the age of 35, to take advantage of the two-month assistant exchange programs, without disrupting their education period and obtaining permission from their education counselors.

Yours sincerely Cemal Cingi

Your address in each subject is: ccingi@gmail.com

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