The 5th Respiratory Summit was also in the Ordu …

The fifth of the respiratory summit meetings Ordu nun is cute and like the green town

You can also access the photos of the meeting here at the original resolutions of Picassadas here (we will share with you as soon as additional photos are removed until 21.06.2013: + click here to access from Facebook page)

Our colleagues gathered in Samsun and Ordu on June 12, 2012, visited the Boztepe by cable car as the guest of Ordu Municipality and then transferred to Yeşilce area collectively by bus. Evening opening in the municipal conference hall of the Green

President Dr. Cemal Cingi said that he had the excitement of meeting for the fifth time.

Later Mayor Feyzi Ünal mentioned the happiness of welcoming guests to the town and making them welcome

Local meeting leader Dr. Ali Fuat Varol also conveyed the happiness he received from the participants who exceeded the number of the participants. The guests spent their nights in the settlements of the hotels and local people in the town.

On the second day (Thursday) the scientific program was performed in the morning session. Our colleagues made interesting presentations. Later, in the presence of a guide under the chairmanship of Dr.Ali Fuat Varol, the local president of the meeting, places filled with plateaus and natural beauty were seen. Kıranyurt Sütçaşı, Kabaktepe, Altıngalı yolu Egricesu was on the coast with lunch and buttermilk and drinks. Mountain wines and local flavors are enjoyed outside of the unique nature. The yellow plateau was turned into Yeşilly by Yeşilyurt. In the meantime, the health center in the town health center together with the tablets of the local people’s health problems were assessed. In the evening, there were scientific sessions. At night, there was music and music accompanied by local and local artists.

The third day (Friday) again began with scientific meetings and then physical activities were carried out. The nature walk, organized with the support of the local administrators under the direction of the local president Dr. Ali Fuat Varol and Dr. Cemal Cingi, started. The Kaleboynu and the post-Ablakkaya Gerce Waterfall were reached. Here our colleagues tasted cold water. The outdoor area was filled with a wonderful lunch prepared in the greenery. Later on, the walk started again and continued with the Gerce obelisk march. In the evening, the scientific lectures in the municipal conference hall began. The presentations of our colleagues were followed in this section. The night ended with dinner and night gathering around the fire.

On the fourth day (Saturday) morning the meeting started again with scientific sessions and then continued with nature walk again. In the post-cappuccino fish farm, excellent fish and regional flavors are enjoyed. After the local visits to Çambaşı, he returned to Yeşilce. During the meeting we watched the life story of Enis Ayar ın with us. The meeting ended with a meal eaten at night.
On the fifth day (Sunday) turn of the green began. We would like to thank Dr. Cemal Cimingi and Valor team for bringing our colleagues together at these different meetings with the hosts and administrators of the host, Yeşilce, who welcomed our colleagues with great devotion during the meeting ..

NOTE: This news is based on the daily news on the Kanalkbb website

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