“You remember 20% of a presentation you just listened to. You remember 40% of a presentation you just saw. You can remember 50% of a presentation you both see and hear.

As an activity of the Institute of Continuing Education and Scientific Researches, the association of “TİPANİKLASTİLER” (TİMPANOPLASTİLER), which is realized with the cooperation of the Education and Research Hospitals in İzmir, It started with the opening speech of Cemal Cingi. Dr.İbrahim Çukurova, Dr. Levent Olgun and Dr. Hüseyin Attached, live surgical applications were followed with interest.

The Type I tympanoplasty operation, which Dr.İbrahim Çukurova performed with a surprising success in a very short time, was very interesting and educational. Dr. Open tympanoplasty surgery performed by Levent Olgun and prosthetic application, the audience was enchanted. The operation which we observed the experience and mastery in every movement opened the horizons of the participants.

Dr. Hüseyin Katılmış’ın done seconder surgery, the opera of the previously opened patient’s ears were explored for the second time. The “Participated Prosthesis” belonging to my patent mentor was placed between the malleus and the stapes head. Besides the surgeon, he is also prominent with his work on the topic of biomechanics. The application of Hüseyin Katılmış was very educational.

Dr.Metin Iber, Dr. Dr. Gul Caner Mercan, Dr.Tolga Kandoğan, Dr. The first is Burak Arslan, Dr. Omer Uğur, Dr. Murat Songu, Dr. Murat Gümüşsoy, Ph.D. Tolgahan Çatlı, Ph.D. Mustafa Bozkurt contributed to this training meeting with their presentations.

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